How to choose the right home glass

It is reported that in addition to different types of glass, different types of glass should be used, and there are certain requirements for the thickness of the glass. Some shapes also require corresponding treatment of the glass.

1. Large area ceiling use to be treated
Glass ceilings are mostly used for aisle ceilings. Do not use insulated glass factory on a large area on the ceiling. Even if it is used, use a metal, wood or plaster to separate the glass ceiling into squares. Stained glass and sandblasted glass are good materials for ceilings. It is also important to use the glass material in the ceiling. The thickness is limited. “Because the glass is self-contained, for safety reasons, the thickness of the ceiling glass is generally controlled at 5-8 mm.” The ceiling of the bathroom can be painted with lacquered glass, without fading, and It acts as a mirror and enhances the decorative effect. When using a glass ceiling in the living room, the width of the glass should be as small as possible because the glass is poor in bending resistance and is easily broken. Glass gives people a feeling of restlessness. Do not use too much glass in the living room to make a ceiling. It is easy to destroy the atmosphere of the home, and the effect is not ideal.

2. Partition wall using tempered glass

For safety reasons, the partition wall should use tempered glass as much as possible, because the hardness of tempered glass is 5 times that of ordinary glass, the bending resistance is 3-5 times that of ordinary glass, and the safety is higher. It is better to have a glass partition wall. Do the boxing process. The partition between the balcony and the living room should consider the requirements for sound insulation and insulation. Therefore, it is best to use double-glazed glass, and also insert some dry flowers hay, glass beads and other decorations in the crack of the double-layer glass, which is both light and decorative. The bathroom with frosted glass or craft glass partition can also play a good decorative effect. In addition, glass bricks are also a good material for partition walls in kitchen bathrooms. Because the glass brick is not transparent and hard, it is suitable for use in kitchen and bathroom. Glass bricks are divided into plain and color, and some have patterns such as painted or dark flowers. The effect is very good in home decoration. However, glass brick partitions cost twice as expensive as ordinary partition walls.

3. There should be prompts on the screen glass

In the foyer, you can consider using a glass screen, which not only transmits light, but also has a certain artistic effect. According to the special style requirements, some have to be framed. If you use the unframed glass, it is best to make a pattern on it, or to hang a picture, to play a role in preventing the family from inadvertently hitting the glass.

4. The wall is firmly mounted first.

Paint or craft glass can be used depending on the specific style requirements. However, it must be installed firmly, and the adhesive glass is used to bond the glass, which is firm and beautiful.

5. The door core is selected according to the size of the door core

If you use glass to make the door, it is best to choose ordinary tempered glass or art glass, and the thickness should be more than 8 mm. Some of the glass in the middle of the wooden door should be purchased or customized by the owner. At this time, the glass needs to be processed according to the size of the door core. In general, the thickness of the door core glass is between 5-8 mm. If the door core area is large, the laminated glass can be selected, and the small-area door core is not too high. If you use light steel glass or frosted glass, you need to add a thin wooden lining to the door to frame the frame to prevent accidents caused by the impact.

6. Ground anti-skid measures are very important

Choose tempered glass with a thickness of 15 mm or more, or laminated glass. Such a glass is strong and not brittle. The platform can be selected from either stained glass or tinted glass. The stained glass floor is stylish, and the brown glass floor is slightly restrained and subtle, which can meet the needs of different people and decorative styles. However, the use of glass on the ground is dazzling and can create a very avant-garde feeling, but it may be too slippery and not very safe, so the glass platform can create a good visual effect, but it is also easy to slip, and the corners are not easy to handle. Therefore, it is not recommended to use glass to make the floor or the floor. Even if it is used, it is better to do some anti-slip treatment.

7. Purchase glass attention quality

The naked eye can’t distinguish the difference between tempered glass and ordinary glass, but tempered glass generally has 3C certification mark; the quality of glass can be checked by light transmission, such as shaking the glass in front of the eyes, if it is glare, it has impurities; The flatness can also explain the quality problem. Secondly, if you look at the picture of the stained glass, if there is a paint spillover, it means that it works. Home improvement glass is safe, and consumers are advised to go to a formal glass processing company for field visits. Anhui Weihao Special Glass Co., Ltd., Anhui Weihao Special Glass Co., Ltd.–China’s energy-saving doors and windows, the chief supplier of curtain wall glass, the glass brand of building curtain wall glass, the production process is strictly controlled to ensure glass quality and delivery time. Professional logistics distribution team, guarantee timely delivery, full-time personnel tracking service, perfect after-sales system. Weihao Glass speaks with quality. The glass produced by Weihao is smooth, complete, bright and tidy, and adopts high-automatic sealing equipment. The air between the glass sheets is highly dry and the sealing effect is good. Hefei’s first LOW–E coated glass production line, high-quality original film + high-quality auxiliary materials, dust-free workshop operation, production process control testing, advanced production equipment, automatic glue machine, automatic touch, glass stacking, professional logistics distribution Guaranteed timely delivery, quick response after sale, urgency for customers.
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Application of vacuum glass in passive low energy buildings

At present, some designers in the world have designed vacuum glass in various energy-saving buildings. For example, Dr. Werner Sobek, a professor at the University of Stuttgart in Germany and dean of the Institute of Architectural Structure Design, and the world-renowned architect, used vacuum glass from Xinliji in the active housing project. The project site is located in the center of the Weissenhof Siedlung complex completed in the 1920s in Stuttgart, a monumental “White House Settlement” architectural fair in the history of modern European architecture. Many famous European designers are involved in the architectural design of real estate in the area. They use new building materials and new construction methods to design living facilities for modern urban residents.

Werner Sobek raised nearly 3.9 million euros from the government’s research grants and sponsors to support the project. 100% recyclable energy-efficient houses generate electricity through photovoltaic panels, which not only provide electricity to the surrounding communities, but also power the grid. This energy model room is a 85 square meter unit townhouse, which uses 2.5×1.7m large composite vacuum glass and a shrinkable balcony fixed on the wooden front wall to achieve energy-saving effect. It is the most energy-efficient way.

Vacuum Laminated Glass online was also used in the “Water One” project of the Qinhuangdao passive low-energy residential demonstration project in Hebei and China. The project is a Sino-German bilateral cooperation. China’s Ministry of Housing and Construction and the German Energy Agency jointly implemented one of China’s first national-level technology projects, and is expected to become a new generation standard in China’s building energy efficiency.

The “Water One” project consists of four residential buildings designed and constructed in accordance with German passive low-energy building standards and is part of a comprehensive project with an overall scale of 1.5 million square meters under construction. The project building has 18 floors and 45 suites, each with a total area of ​​6,500 square meters. The energy-saving indicators of the building are higher than the current domestic energy-saving standards, such as the required door and window heat transfer coefficient K value is less than 1W / (m2 · K). The project uses a composite vacuum glass and a three-layer Low-E double hollow argon-filled structure in which the total solar transmittance and photothermal ratio of the glass can be adjusted by selecting different Low-E glasses.

As can be seen from the above introduction, the high-end glass products used in high-end energy-saving buildings mainly include vacuum glass and three-glass two-chamber insulating glass. The application of insulating glass products is relatively early, and the technology is relatively mature. The high-end products reduce the U value by selecting high-quality Low-E and increasing the number of Low-E layers, thickening the thickness of the hollow layer and filling argon gas, and the vacuum glass passes the basic Configuration can achieve a lower U value.

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Information and classification of single piece fireproof glass

Due to the poor weather resistance of grouted composite fireproof glass, many large foreign glass groups, such as Japan AGC, Germany SCHOTT, and France Saint-Gobain, are actively researching single-piece fireproof glass. This kind of fireproof glass has good weather resistance. Never fade, not devitrified, fully reflects the crystal clear characteristics of the glass. For example, SCHOTT’s single-piece fireproof glass PYRAN has been used in the Sheffield Stadium stands in the UK, Manchester Airport, London Tobacco Company, Hong Kong HSBC, etc. On many occasions, the interior partition of France. Saint-Gobain’s single-piece fireproof glass has been used in projects such as the Shanghai Grand Theatre.

Single piece special fireproof glass. Special single piece fireproof glass refers to the glass used as the special component glass instead of the ordinary flat glass component. It mainly has borosilicate fireproof glass, aluminosilicate fireproof glass, Microcrystalline fireproof glass and high-quality float glass with softening temperature above 800 °C. Its main main features are: high softening point of glass, generally above 800 °C, low thermal expansion coefficient, under strong flame Generally, it will not burst or deform due to high temperature, especially the microcrystalline fireproof glass. In addition to the above characteristics, it also has high mechanical strength, high flexural strength, high compressive strength and good chemical stability and physical and mechanical properties. It also has The utility model has the advantages of high softening temperature and small thermal expansion coefficient, and they are used as fireproof glass, which can be superior products, but the fireproof glass of special materials (boron, aluminosilicate fireproof glass, microcrystalline fireproof glass) has high production cost and high market price. People are more difficult to accept, so the market is still dominated by transparent composite sandwich fire-resistant glass and high-strength single-piece fireproof glass.

Special single-piece fireproof glass has the following

A, borosilicate fireproof glass

The chemical composition of borosilicate fireproof glass is between 70% and 80%, the content of B2O3 is 8% to 13%, the content of Al2O3 is 2% to 4%, and the content of R2O is 4% to 10%. It has a higher softening point temperature, a lower coefficient of thermal expansion and stable chemical properties. The softening point is about 850 ° C, and the thermal expansion coefficient is (3 ~ 40) × 10 -7 / ° C at 0 ~ 300 ° C.

B, aluminosilicate glass

The chemical composition of aluminosilicate glass: SiO2 content is between 55% and 60%, B2O3 content is 5% to 8%, Al2O3 content is 18% to 25%, R2O content is 0.5% to 1.0%, and CaO is 4.5% to 8.0. %, MgO 6% to 9%.

This kind of glass is characterized by high Al2O3 content, low alkali content, high softening point temperature, and generally does not burst or deform when heated directly on the flame. The softening point is between 900 and 920 °C, and the thermal expansion coefficient is (5 to 7). ×10-6/°C.

C, transparent microcrystalline fireproof glass

Microcrystalline fireproof glass is a polynuclear formed by adding a crystal nucleating agent such as Li2O, TiO2, ZrO2 to a certain chemical composition of the glass, and then heat-treating the glass to precipitate and uniformly grow the crystallites.

The characteristics of this kind of glass: good chemical stability and physical and mechanical properties, high mechanical strength, high flexural and compressive strength, high softening temperature and small thermal expansion coefficient.

Single-chip float fire glass. According to the data, the Japanese plate glass has introduced a float fire glass composed of sodium calcium with a softening point higher than 780 °C, which has attracted the attention of glass merchants. The introduction is as follows:

Japanese plate glass has introduced a kind of fireproof glass that can be used for industrial production by float method. It is characterized by a softening point higher than 780 ° C and difficult to soften. This kind of glass belongs to soda lime glass.

Ordinary soda-calcium flat glass is not fireproof, it is often subjected to comprehensive reinforcement treatment, and has high flexural strength to be made into high-strength glass, which can be used as fireproof glass. Although borosilicate glass has high softening temperature due to high melting temperature and high Viscosity, difficult to industrialize large-scale production of flat plates, boron-containing glass significantly reduces furnace age. The patented soda-lime glass-based fireproof glass is suitable for float production. Although ordinary fireproof glass can block the spread of fire in the early stage of fire, In the later period, it is softened and deformed by high temperature. According to the relevant regulations of the Japanese government: the standard of Class A fire door is 770 ~ 780 ° C can withstand 60 min, the glass does not fall off the door frame due to softening. The softening temperature of the patented flat glass is higher than 780 ° C, and it is difficult to soften. Can meet this requirement. The patented glass is suitable for large-scale float production, and the glass can meet the requirements of Class A fire doors.

High-strength single-piece fireproof glass. High-strength single-piece fireproof glass is made by comprehensively strengthening the flat glass. This product can be used not only as a single piece, but also as laminated glass, insulating glass, coated glass, etc. It has the function of tempered glass and grouting composite fireproof glass. As the glass for building curtain wall, the high-strength single-piece fireproof glass not only has the same light transmittance as the float glass with the same thickness, but also its specific gravity and the same thickness float plate. The glass is basically the same, so the high-strength single-piece fireproof glass instead of the same thickness of tempered glass will not affect the safety of the glass curtain wall building structure, and the strength is higher and not easy to break.

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What should I pay attention to when using the glass as the background wall?

With the establishment of the family after the 80s, the post-90s gradually became independent, and many young people admired the modern minimalist style in the home decoration more and more, and various designs with ideological structure gradually reflected in the home. Let’s talk about the background wall made of glass.

The decoration of the glass TV background wall must be careful and serious from the beginning of the design planning. Pay attention to the feasibility of the modeling and strictly carry out the decoration and other details.

First, pay attention to the light of the colored Laminated glass background wall

From the beginning of the design planning, we should also pay attention to the use of the living room light while designing the background wall decoration style. It is easy to understand whether the glass material and lighting design are easy to cause light flooding, whether the balcony light is suitable and so on.

Second, pay attention to the background wall coordination

Unlike other material walls, glass walls must be designed to accentuate their style. The design of only one glass is quite unqualified, which makes people feel cold and not warm in the family. The strong reflection of long-term living lights will be exhausting. It is recommended to consult professional furniture designers.

Third, the glass parts are convenient for transportation and installation

The wall of the background wall is chosen to be thick, and the glass is required to be more than 8 centimeters. Therefore, it is recommended to select the glass component. If you choose a whole piece of glass, it is not easy to use, and it will bring a lot of trouble for installation and maintenance.

Fourth, the glass drilling slow work out

Glass is fragile and can be cracked if you are not careful. Drilling holes in the glass, using special glass drills, oblique feeds and tap water for buffering, the speed can not be too fast. The feed speed should not be too fast, especially when drilling fast, it is easy to break out of the gap. After the drilling, the glass in the drill is removed and the next hole is drilled.

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Why is insulating glass insulated?

Insulating glass has a certain thermal insulation performance, which is what we have learned in practical applications. So, why is insulating insulated glass? The company makes a statement for this.
It should be noted that to understand the thermal insulation of insulating glass, it is first necessary to understand the thermal resistance of its components, glass and air.

1 glass thermal resistance

Ordinary glass has a thermal conductivity of 0.77 W/m2K, which is 27 times that of air. In order to increase the thermal resistance of the glass, it is not necessary to simply increase the thickness of the glass, but it is necessary to select some glasses of special properties. For example, low-emissivity glass has the same transmittance for visible light as ordinary glass, but it can reflect all infrared and far-infrared rays in the room to avoid heat loss in the room. It is suitable for use in cold regions; heat-reflecting glass can The solar energy is reflected back to prevent solar energy from entering the room. It is suitable for use in areas where air conditioning is required. The heat absorbing glass has a high absorption rate of heat. After absorbing the heat of sunlight, it can be released to both sides if it is on the side of the heat absorbing glass. Adding a layer of reflective film will prevent the solar heat from entering the room better.

2 air layer thermal resistance

The thermal conductivity of air is very small, 0.028W/m2K, and the air in the interlayer is not convected, thus increasing the thickness of the air layer and significantly increasing the thermal resistance. The relationship between the thickness D of the air layer and the thermal conductivity K of the insulating glass is that when D is less than 10 mm, there is no convection in the air layer, and as D increases, K decreases; when D is greater than 10 mm, convective heat transfer increases, with As D increases, the magnitude of the decrease in K decreases; when D is greater than 20 mm, the K value hardly changes. From the aspects of heat insulation effect and economy, the thickness of the air layer is preferably 12 mm. Replacing the air in the interlayer with a gas having a low thermal conductivity such as argon also enhances the insulating effect of the insulating glass.

3 Thermal resistance of insulating glass: thermal resistance of insulating glass R = RI + ∑ RG + ∑ RA + RO RI in the formula, RO is the thermal resistance of the outer surface of the hollow glass, for a certain use, it is a fixed value.

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Do you know why the fireproof glass partition is required in the computer room?

With the rapid development of electronic information technology, the computer room has an irreplaceable core position as the numerical control center of modern office. Therefore, in the decoration or reconstruction of the machine room, the design and construction of the machine room partition wall have stricter requirements and are strictly selected. Fireproof glass partition is the primary choice for the glass partition of the current equipment room. Of course, according to the fireproof time limit, the general 90min fireproof glass partition and 120min fire resistant glass suppliers partition are two specifications.

1. The same fire compartment can be designed and constructed with 12mm thick single piece tempered glass. The frame is generally made of square steel outsourced 201 or 304 stainless steel.

2, 12mm thick single piece of cesium potassium fireproof glass can be used in different fire zones. (In addition, it is necessary to select the fireproof glass that meets the fire resistance time of the partition wall according to the requirements of the local fire department for the fire resistance time of the partition wall.) In order to ensure that there is no inner column in the equipment room, the machine room building often adopts a large span structure. Differentiating the different requirements of the different equipments of the computer system on the environment, facilitating air conditioning control, dust control, noise control and computer room management often use partition walls to divide the large computer room space into smaller functional areas. The partition wall should be light and thin, and it can be soundproofed and insulated.

Fire doors and windows are often used in the doors and windows of the machine room. The doors and windows in the machine room are generally frameless large glass doors, which not only ensures the safety of the machine room, but also ensures that the machine room has a transparent and bright effect. The heat preservation glass has the largest solar transmittance and the smallest. Special glass for reflection coefficient, divided into low-emissivity glass and multi-coated glass. 80% of the visible light can be absorbed into the room and absorbed by the object, and more than 90% of the long-waves radiated by the indoor object can be kept in the city, thus greatly improving the energy utilization rate. At the same time, it can selectively transfer the amount of solar energy, and transfer most of the heat radiation energy into the room, which can play the role of heat preservation and energy saving in the heating building.

In addition, the two glasses are selective for the transmission of sunlight in different spectrums, which can filter out ultraviolet rays, prevent indoor furniture, and artworks from fading due to ultraviolet radiation, and absorb some visible light to prevent glare. .

The double glass partition of the machine room has the following functions:

1, warm and comfortable, improve the environmental comfort.

2, energy saving and environmental protection, significantly reducing the cost of cooling and heating.

3, noise reduction.

4, in winter due to indoor and outdoor temperature differences, to prevent air liquefaction fog condensation.

(1) It can be partially disassembled and reused many times. Some materials in the compartment system will not bring waste to the environment. It is a green building material with long service life. In the long run, the installation of latal high compartment system material is better than installation. Other forms of partitioning materials are cheaper and more cost effective.

(2) During the use, the position of the door, window, physical module and glass partition can be changed at any time, and can be re-assembled and reused. After the material is disassembled, the damage is minimal, and the cost of frequent office relocation can be greatly reduced. .

(3) The internal structure facilitates cable laying. It is not necessary to wall-buried, the maintenance and replacement of the cable is more convenient, the strong and weak electricity is separated, and the cable trough can shield the signal line.

(4) Installation is faster than ordinary partition wall.

(5) Fireproof and fireproof, the compartment system is composed of metal structure, and the materials such as glass and color steel plate are also fireproof. When the internal structure of the compartment system is steel structure, the fire resistance limit is 30MIN, 60MIN or longer.

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Hollow glass built-in shutters and windows

Hollow glass built-in louver doors and windows are made of high-quality double-layer tempered glass. The glass has built-in aluminum louvered curtains. The slats are controlled by the handle magnetron mechanism. The built-in motor can also be controlled by switches or remote control. By adjusting the angle of the louver to control the light entering the room, it is the sunshade product of the door and window. The louver is installed in the insulating glass, which not only retains the beautiful and practical characteristics of the window covering louver, but also overcomes the shortcomings of the window covering louver cleaning trouble. What are the functions of doors and windows to use this type of tempered glass online? Let’s take a look:
The smart louver decoration built in the insulating glass fundamentally solves the shortcomings of the external window decoration that needs to be continuously cleaned, and is always clean and hygienic. All the operations of the new intelligent product venetian blinds can be done freely with a single remote control, which is convenient and simple. There are no window decorations, window rails, exterior shades and other ancillary materials in the building, which saves space and brings a new and more stylish and tasteful decoration effect. Adjust the angle of the curtain according to the change of the angle of sunlight for one day, to ensure that the human body receives the best light, and can freely restore the secret space. Using 12v/24v human body safety voltage, the system part is made of imported non-wearing metal material, which is not affected by natural environment and human factors, and is not easy to be damaged. It lasts for a long time. The curtains are colorful in color to meet individual requirements. The double-sided hollow tempered glass is filled with argon gas, which is resistant to wind and external impact. It is also suitable for high-rise and coastal buildings. Insulated glass with built-in louver intelligent sunshade system doors and windows is a dual-function product that combines doors and windows and lighting adjustment. It can replace curtains. The system can be used with a variety of products such as fixed windows, sliding doors and windows, swing doors and windows, folding doors and windows, etc. In high-end residences, apartments, villas, hotels, nursing homes, hospitals, offices, etc.

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What happens when there is a crack in the glass partition?

Glass partitions have become one of the indispensable materials for decorating homes and living. With the help of glass partitions, the complete and unified space can be dispersed, which can better reflect the multi-purpose effect of one room. As the most ornamental and valuable representative in the field of glass partitions, the art glass partition has become the object of choice for many young fashionistas. In the future building materials market, it occupies a certain proportion.
There are also many flaws behind the beautiful, such as the insulated glass partition plaster layer always cracks, the partition is not securely installed. So what are the causes of cracks in the partition, and how to avoid this phenomenon.
First, the cause of cracks
1. The small aerated concrete block above the mouth is embedded after the two plates are installed. The bonded sand slurry on both sides of the strip is knocked off by the aerated concrete block, so that the bonding mortar between the joints is not full. Cracks are easily formed here after the ash.
2. Due to the uneven treatment of the plastering base layer, the thickness of the ash layer is not uniform, and when the thickness difference is large, in the process of drying and hardening of the mortar, unequal shrinkage occurs, and cracks appear.
3. Due to poor planning or incorrect construction sequence, the pipeline needs to be drilled through the wall after the plastering is completed, and the wall is irregularly cracked due to severe impact vibration.
Second, to avoid cracks
Since glass partitions are prone to this situation, during the installation and maintenance process, special attention is paid to the maintenance of the partition:
1, the correct use of clean partition materials, taboo some high-strength, acid-base corrosive liquid damage to the glass surface.
2. During the installation process, it is strictly forbidden to shake at random and sharp objects hit the heavy object to prevent the glass from slipping.
3, the glass partition should be away from flammable objects, while ensuring regular cleaning of the partition surface, so that your partition is clean and comfortable.
If you want to avoid cracks in the partition, you should start with the quality of the material. You can save a lot of time by choosing a reliable material. At the same time, pay more attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the material, then the glass partition can be used for a long time.
Weihao Glass – China’s leading supplier of energy-saving door and window curtain wall glass! For more than 20 years, we have created a reliable glass brand for building curtain wall glass, specializing in the production of insulating glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, fireproof glass, low-e glass, glass curtain wall, Bending steel glass, the production process is strictly controlled to ensure the quality of the glass!

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Teach you how to identify the quality of glass

At present, the glass market is becoming increasingly popular, and the detection of glass quality is also important when purchasing glass. For the inspection of glass sheets, the appearance quality is mainly to check the flatness and observe the quality defects such as bubbles, inclusions, scratches, lines and fog spots. If there is such a defective glass, deformation will occur during use, which reduces the transparency of the glass, mechanical strength and thermal stability of the glass, and is not suitable for engineering use. Since the glass is a transparent object, the appearance can be detected at the time of selection, and the quality can be basically identified.
Inspecting glass processed products, in addition to the requirements of flat glass, should also check the processing quality, check whether the standard size, processing accuracy and pattern definition meet the requirements, and the side is not allowed to be defective.
The appearance quality of the hollow glass brick should not be cracked, and there should be no opaque unmelted material in the glass blank, and the welding and bonding between the two glass bodies cannot be poor. Visual inspection of the brick body should be free of corrugations, bubbles and lamellar streaks resulting from inhomogeneities in the glass blank. The outer surface of the large surface of the fire resistant glass suppliers brick should be less than 1 mm, the convexity should be less than 2 mm, the weight should meet the quality standard, no surface warpage, notch, burr and other quality defects, the angle should be square.
The above is a general method for identifying the quality of glass. Special glass needs to be tested with special instruments.

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Who invented the glass curtain wall building?

The shiny, modern and beautiful glass building is a landscape of the big city. Who invented the exterior wall of the building?
The whimsical person is actually the most creative person. The original intention of the window was „the hole in the wall.” In 1919, some people wanted to expand the glass window indefinitely and even replace the entire wall.
This man is the German architect Mies van der Rohe, one of the four most famous modern architects in the world in the mid-20th century.
In 1921, Mies made his whimsical vision into a model—all the walls of the building were made of glass, called the “glass building”. He claims to combine the window and the wall. The glass exterior is both a transparent window and a solid wall.
Mies’s „glass building” is only a vision. In 1976, the famous American Chinese architect, Bei Yuming, turned Mies’s vision into reality. In the United States, Boston built the 60-story Hancock Building, which is a glass facade. Skyscrapers.
This new building, which is transparent and has a mirror-like exterior wall, is a bright spot. It has suddenly sensationalized the United States and sensationalized the world.
The glass exterior is called the louver glass price curtain wall, and Mies is known as the „father of the glass curtain wall.”
However, the good times did not last long, and the praise of the Hancock Building quickly became a criticism. The glass curtain wall of the building used a total of 10,344 pieces of 1.4 meters × 3.5 meters of glass, only three years of glory broke more than 2,000 pieces! Beautiful high-rise buildings are riddled with holes.
This is because the strength of those glasses is not enough, and the strength of the steel frame supporting the glass is not enough. After five years of repairing, Hancock Building was not able to cure the „scar” on the outer wall.
In recent decades, after continuous improvement, the quality of glass curtain walls has been significantly improved:

The tempering (heat treatment) glass has an impact strength that is 3 to 5 times higher than that of ordinary glass, and even if it is broken, it is broken into fine glass pieces without sharp angles.


The curtain wall glass is made into two layers (or even three layers), and the dry air or inert gas is filled between the two glasses, which can greatly improve the heat preservation, heat insulation and sound insulation performance.
According to measurements, when the outdoor temperature is -10 ° C, the temperature in front of the single-layer glass window is -2 ° C, and the indoor temperature using the three – layer insulating glass is 13 ° C.
It should be emphasized that the air filled in the insulating glass must be dry, in order to prevent moisture from condensing in the inner layer in winter, affecting transparency.

Double silver
The glass is coated with two extremely thin silver films. This „double silver glass” transmits light through the visible light but reflects the sun’s thermal radiation (infrared rays). In the hot summer, double-layer double-silver insulating glass can transmit 90% of visible light and block 90% of solar radiant heat.

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