Processing Style of Aluminum Curtain Walls

Light weight aluminum curtain wall all subjected metal parts (platen), from any view should be outward physical appearance, do not allow virtually any small deformation, corrugated, fasteners recessed as well as prominent. Curtain Walls

The leg iron part and T-shaped groove really should be welded firmly, the clearance using the main structural concrete contact surface should not be greater than LMM, plus the galvanized steel plate will be compacted. The leg iron piece as well as the curtain wall connection, have got to cushion good shockproof rubberized cushion. The welding steel seam belonging to the construction site should often be coated with antirust paint at that moment. Curtain Walls In the particular surface of metal phoning with masonry, plastering or maybe concrete surface, the asphalt paint have to be painted with a thickness above 100um. When the cup is installed, the edge plus the bone must keep the particular gap, so that top of the, lower, left and right sides on the gap are guaranteed. At the same time, to prevent the co2 of glass, especially on the side of the coating must be Yuga attention to prevent the coating flaking to make the painted. tempered glass for sale Curtain Walls The installment of glass surface should be the whole, not to seem warping phenomenon. The plug of rubberized strips and strips should be dense and comprehensive, as well as the interface of two rubber strips need to be filled with sealant. Seal the usage of sealant, should be jam-packed full, uniform, appearance ought to be smooth. Interlayer Fireproof, insulation mineral wool material, that they are packed tight, not lacking. Curtain Walls

Calculation and evaluation producing energy efficiency, the building energy-saving perform of curtain wall is extremely advantageous to the construction investor plus the Society, the Investment for building energy-saving is often recovered completely, and it may possibly create good economic and social benefit for any investors during the use period on the curtain wall. The structural form belonging to the broken-hot curtain wall is the top way to save electricity of curtain wall constructing. Curtain Walls.

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Purchase, maintenance and cleaning knowledge of tempered glass

Tempered glass is a deep-processed glass product. It is made by cutting, edging, washing and drying the flat glass according to the product requirements, then heating it to near the glass softening temperature and immediately cooling it sharply.
Tempered glass is a deep-processed glass product. It is made by cutting, edging, washing and drying the flat glass according to the product requirements, then heating it to near the glass softening temperature and immediately cooling it sharply.
1, pay attention to protect the corners of tempered glass
If there is damage at the corners of the tempered glass supplier, the risk of self-explosion of the glass increases exponentially. Care must be taken when using tempered glass with broken corners.
2. Avoid letting the tempered glass be under pressure for a long time.
Do not place heavy objects on the tempered glass table for a long time to avoid the pressure value reaching the critical point and causing the tempered glass to break.
3, to avoid uneven heat and cold
If, under extreme conditions, high temperature and low temperature are applied to both ends of a piece of glass, then 90% of the glass will self-explosion. For example, when the incandescent lamp is lit with cold water, the glass of the incandescent lamp will rupture. Although this situation will be small for tempered glass, it is not afraid of 10,000.
4, away from acid and alkali substances
Avoid contacting the tempered glass with alkaline substances such as sodium hydroxide (NaOH or caustic) and hydrofluoric acid (HF). The glass is essentially silica (SiO2), which chemically reacts with the above substances.
5. It is forbidden to use sharp and hard objects to strike the corners of the glass.
Since the stress point of the tempered glass is concentrated at the corners, once the corners are broken, the probability of rupture of the tempered glass will increase, so for the safety of the home, do not use sharp, hard objects to strike the corners of the tempered glass.
1, daily use of wet towels, newspapers
2, plastic wrap to revitalize the glass
3, fluoride-free toothpaste cleaning frosted glass
4, keep clean to prevent mold
5, timely wipe the tea
6, hard cloth and wax to remove burn marks
to sum up:
The toughness of tempered glass is better than ordinary glass, but there is a danger of bursting and breaking if it is used improperly or lacks maintenance.

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Why is LOW-E glass so popular with people!

Glass is an important building material, and as the decorative requirements for buildings continue to increase, the use of glass in the construction industry is also increasing. However, when people choose the glass doors and windows of a building, in addition to considering its aesthetic and appearance characteristics, it pays more attention to the problems of heat control, cooling cost and comfortable balance of internal sunlight projection. This makes the new expensive in the coated glass family, Low-E glass, stand out and become the focus of attention.
Low-E glass, also known as low-emissivity glass, is a film-based product that is coated with multiple layers of metal or other compounds on the surface of the glass. The coating layer has high transmission of visible light and high reflection of mid-range infrared rays, and has excellent heat insulation effect and good light transmittance compared with ordinary glass and conventional architectural coated glass.
What are the magical effects of LOW-E glass installed on doors and windows? Let’s talk about it together:
LOW-E glass features
High infrared reflectivity, which can directly reflect far-infrared heat radiation.
The surface emissivity E is low, and the ability to absorb external energy is small, so that less heat is radiated.
The sunshade coefficient Sc is wide, and the amount of solar energy can be controlled as needed to meet the needs of different regions.
LOW-E film reflects heat characteristics
The LOW-E film is plated with a silver layer that reflects more than 98% of the far-infrared heat radiation, reflecting the heat directly as reflected by the mirror. The LOW-E shading coefficient Sc can be from 0.2 to 0.7, so that the direct solar radiant energy entering the room can be adjusted as needed.

LOW-E glass coating process
There are two main types: on-line coating, vacuum magnetron sputtering coating (also known as off-line coating). The in-line coated glass is manufactured on a float glass production line, which has a single variety, poor heat reflectivity, and low manufacturing cost. Its only advantage is that it can be hot bended. The off-line coated glass has a variety of varieties, excellent heat reflection performance and obvious energy-saving characteristics. The disadvantage is that it cannot be bent.

LOW-E glass use characteristics
The LOW-E glass manufactured by the vacuum magnetron sputtering process cannot be used in a single piece, and can only be used for synthesizing insulating glass or laminated glass. However, its emissivity E is much lower than 0.15 and can be as low as 0.01 or less. The LOW-E glass manufactured by the online coating process can be used in a single piece, but its emissivity is E=0.28. Strictly speaking, it cannot be called LOW-E glass (scientifically, the object with emissivity E≤0.15 is called low radiation). object).

The principle of LOW-E glass in summer and winter
In winter, the indoor temperature is higher than the outdoor, the far infrared heat radiation mainly comes from the indoor, and the LOW-E glass can reflect it back into the room to keep the heat in the room from diarrhea. For some solar radiation from the outside, LOW-E glass can still allow it to enter the room. This part of the energy is absorbed by the indoor object and then converted into far infrared heat radiation and left indoors.

In summer, the outdoor temperature is higher than indoors, and the far-infrared heat radiation mainly comes from the outside. Low-e glass can reflect it out to prevent heat from entering the room. For outdoor solar radiation, LOW-E glass with a low shading coefficient can be selected to restrict it from entering the room, thus reducing the cost (air conditioning cost).

Argon in LOW-E insulating glass
Argon gas is an inert gas, and its heat transfer property is inferior to that of air. Therefore, charging into the insulating glass can lower the U value of the insulating glass and increase the heat insulating property of the insulating glass. For LOW-E insulating glass, argon also acts to protect the LOW-E film layer.

Attenuated UV function of LOW-E glass
LOW-E glass reduces UV light by 25% compared to conventional single-piece clear glass. Compared to heat-reflective coated glass, LOW-E glass reduces UV light by 14%.

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Tempered Glass VS Laminatedg Glass

Tempered glass is damaged by additional forces and definately will be broken into honeycomb-like obtuse-angled small particles which might be not just about guaranteed to cause serious destruction of the body. The similar thickness regarding high-strength cup is Less than six times tougher than everyday glass, and the bending muscle is Less than six times this of common glass. The laminated glass does not really disperse once crushing for the reason that films will be joined with each other. Laminated glass can be produced into a bundle of colors and some patterns of decorative goblet.

In conditions of durability and breakage-resistance, tempered glasses often is a first thing to consider. but regarding flexibility, UV-resistance, protection and good considerations, laminated glass is sometimes the product of preference. Both are usually considered security glazing materials and will be obtained in a good deal of thicknesses and also colors or perhaps tints. Both are generally easy to wash and maintain when installed properly.

Normally, laminated glass are slightly higher priced than products from the same type and thickness. Whether laminated glass or Tempered Glass, its optical transparency is extremely good.

We provide high quality and manufacturing plant prices to get glass. Welcome to contact you.

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