Processing Style of Aluminum Curtain Walls

Light weight aluminum curtain wall all subjected metal parts (platen), from any view should be outward physical appearance, do not allow virtually any small deformation, corrugated, fasteners recessed as well as prominent. Curtain Walls

The leg iron part and T-shaped groove really should be welded firmly, the clearance using the main structural concrete contact surface should not be greater than LMM, plus the galvanized steel plate will be compacted. The leg iron piece as well as the curtain wall connection, have got to cushion good shockproof rubberized cushion. The welding steel seam belonging to the construction site should often be coated with antirust paint at that moment. Curtain Walls In the particular surface of metal phoning with masonry, plastering or maybe concrete surface, the asphalt paint have to be painted with a thickness above 100um. When the cup is installed, the edge plus the bone must keep the particular gap, so that top of the, lower, left and right sides on the gap are guaranteed. At the same time, to prevent the co2 of glass, especially on the side of the coating must be Yuga attention to prevent the coating flaking to make the painted. tempered glass for sale Curtain Walls The installment of glass surface should be the whole, not to seem warping phenomenon. The plug of rubberized strips and strips should be dense and comprehensive, as well as the interface of two rubber strips need to be filled with sealant. Seal the usage of sealant, should be jam-packed full, uniform, appearance ought to be smooth. Interlayer Fireproof, insulation mineral wool material, that they are packed tight, not lacking. Curtain Walls

Calculation and evaluation producing energy efficiency, the building energy-saving perform of curtain wall is extremely advantageous to the construction investor plus the Society, the Investment for building energy-saving is often recovered completely, and it may possibly create good economic and social benefit for any investors during the use period on the curtain wall. The structural form belonging to the broken-hot curtain wall is the top way to save electricity of curtain wall constructing. Curtain Walls.

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