What happens when there is a crack in the glass partition?

Glass partitions have become one of the indispensable materials for decorating homes and living. With the help of glass partitions, the complete and unified space can be dispersed, which can better reflect the multi-purpose effect of one room. As the most ornamental and valuable representative in the field of glass partitions, the art glass partition has become the object of choice for many young fashionistas. In the future building materials market, it occupies a certain proportion.
There are also many flaws behind the beautiful, such as the insulated glass partition plaster layer always cracks, the partition is not securely installed. So what are the causes of cracks in the partition, and how to avoid this phenomenon.
First, the cause of cracks
1. The small aerated concrete block above the mouth is embedded after the two plates are installed. The bonded sand slurry on both sides of the strip is knocked off by the aerated concrete block, so that the bonding mortar between the joints is not full. Cracks are easily formed here after the ash.
2. Due to the uneven treatment of the plastering base layer, the thickness of the ash layer is not uniform, and when the thickness difference is large, in the process of drying and hardening of the mortar, unequal shrinkage occurs, and cracks appear.
3. Due to poor planning or incorrect construction sequence, the pipeline needs to be drilled through the wall after the plastering is completed, and the wall is irregularly cracked due to severe impact vibration.
Second, to avoid cracks
Since glass partitions are prone to this situation, during the installation and maintenance process, special attention is paid to the maintenance of the partition:
1, the correct use of clean partition materials, taboo some high-strength, acid-base corrosive liquid damage to the glass surface.
2. During the installation process, it is strictly forbidden to shake at random and sharp objects hit the heavy object to prevent the glass from slipping.
3, the glass partition should be away from flammable objects, while ensuring regular cleaning of the partition surface, so that your partition is clean and comfortable.
If you want to avoid cracks in the partition, you should start with the quality of the material. You can save a lot of time by choosing a reliable material. At the same time, pay more attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the material, then the glass partition can be used for a long time.
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