What should I pay attention to when using the glass as the background wall?

With the establishment of the family after the 80s, the post-90s gradually became independent, and many young people admired the modern minimalist style in the home decoration more and more, and various designs with ideological structure gradually reflected in the home. Let’s talk about the background wall made of glass.

The decoration of the glass TV background wall must be careful and serious from the beginning of the design planning. Pay attention to the feasibility of the modeling and strictly carry out the decoration and other details.

First, pay attention to the light of the colored Laminated glass background wall

From the beginning of the design planning, we should also pay attention to the use of the living room light while designing the background wall decoration style. It is easy to understand whether the glass material and lighting design are easy to cause light flooding, whether the balcony light is suitable and so on.

Second, pay attention to the background wall coordination

Unlike other material walls, glass walls must be designed to accentuate their style. The design of only one glass is quite unqualified, which makes people feel cold and not warm in the family. The strong reflection of long-term living lights will be exhausting. It is recommended to consult professional furniture designers.

Third, the glass parts are convenient for transportation and installation

The wall of the background wall is chosen to be thick, and the glass is required to be more than 8 centimeters. Therefore, it is recommended to select the glass component. If you choose a whole piece of glass, it is not easy to use, and it will bring a lot of trouble for installation and maintenance.

Fourth, the glass drilling slow work out

Glass is fragile and can be cracked if you are not careful. Drilling holes in the glass, using special glass drills, oblique feeds and tap water for buffering, the speed can not be too fast. The feed speed should not be too fast, especially when drilling fast, it is easy to break out of the gap. After the drilling, the glass in the drill is removed and the next hole is drilled.

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