Information and classification of single piece fireproof glass

Due to the poor weather resistance of grouted composite fireproof glass, many large foreign glass groups, such as Japan AGC, Germany SCHOTT, and France Saint-Gobain, are actively researching single-piece fireproof glass. This kind of fireproof glass has good weather resistance. Never fade, not devitrified, fully reflects the crystal clear characteristics of the glass. For example, SCHOTT’s single-piece fireproof glass PYRAN has been used in the Sheffield Stadium stands in the UK, Manchester Airport, London Tobacco Company, Hong Kong HSBC, etc. On many occasions, the interior partition of France. Saint-Gobain’s single-piece fireproof glass has been used in projects such as the Shanghai Grand Theatre.

Single piece special fireproof glass. Special single piece fireproof glass refers to the glass used as the special component glass instead of the ordinary flat glass component. It mainly has borosilicate fireproof glass, aluminosilicate fireproof glass, Microcrystalline fireproof glass and high-quality float glass with softening temperature above 800 °C. Its main main features are: high softening point of glass, generally above 800 °C, low thermal expansion coefficient, under strong flame Generally, it will not burst or deform due to high temperature, especially the microcrystalline fireproof glass. In addition to the above characteristics, it also has high mechanical strength, high flexural strength, high compressive strength and good chemical stability and physical and mechanical properties. It also has The utility model has the advantages of high softening temperature and small thermal expansion coefficient, and they are used as fireproof glass, which can be superior products, but the fireproof glass of special materials (boron, aluminosilicate fireproof glass, microcrystalline fireproof glass) has high production cost and high market price. People are more difficult to accept, so the market is still dominated by transparent composite sandwich fire-resistant glass and high-strength single-piece fireproof glass.

Special single-piece fireproof glass has the following

A, borosilicate fireproof glass

The chemical composition of borosilicate fireproof glass is between 70% and 80%, the content of B2O3 is 8% to 13%, the content of Al2O3 is 2% to 4%, and the content of R2O is 4% to 10%. It has a higher softening point temperature, a lower coefficient of thermal expansion and stable chemical properties. The softening point is about 850 ° C, and the thermal expansion coefficient is (3 ~ 40) × 10 -7 / ° C at 0 ~ 300 ° C.

B, aluminosilicate glass

The chemical composition of aluminosilicate glass: SiO2 content is between 55% and 60%, B2O3 content is 5% to 8%, Al2O3 content is 18% to 25%, R2O content is 0.5% to 1.0%, and CaO is 4.5% to 8.0. %, MgO 6% to 9%.

This kind of glass is characterized by high Al2O3 content, low alkali content, high softening point temperature, and generally does not burst or deform when heated directly on the flame. The softening point is between 900 and 920 °C, and the thermal expansion coefficient is (5 to 7). ×10-6/°C.

C, transparent microcrystalline fireproof glass

Microcrystalline fireproof glass is a polynuclear formed by adding a crystal nucleating agent such as Li2O, TiO2, ZrO2 to a certain chemical composition of the glass, and then heat-treating the glass to precipitate and uniformly grow the crystallites.

The characteristics of this kind of glass: good chemical stability and physical and mechanical properties, high mechanical strength, high flexural and compressive strength, high softening temperature and small thermal expansion coefficient.

Single-chip float fire glass. According to the data, the Japanese plate glass has introduced a float fire glass composed of sodium calcium with a softening point higher than 780 °C, which has attracted the attention of glass merchants. The introduction is as follows:

Japanese plate glass has introduced a kind of fireproof glass that can be used for industrial production by float method. It is characterized by a softening point higher than 780 ° C and difficult to soften. This kind of glass belongs to soda lime glass.

Ordinary soda-calcium flat glass is not fireproof, it is often subjected to comprehensive reinforcement treatment, and has high flexural strength to be made into high-strength glass, which can be used as fireproof glass. Although borosilicate glass has high softening temperature due to high melting temperature and high Viscosity, difficult to industrialize large-scale production of flat plates, boron-containing glass significantly reduces furnace age. The patented soda-lime glass-based fireproof glass is suitable for float production. Although ordinary fireproof glass can block the spread of fire in the early stage of fire, In the later period, it is softened and deformed by high temperature. According to the relevant regulations of the Japanese government: the standard of Class A fire door is 770 ~ 780 ° C can withstand 60 min, the glass does not fall off the door frame due to softening. The softening temperature of the patented flat glass is higher than 780 ° C, and it is difficult to soften. Can meet this requirement. The patented glass is suitable for large-scale float production, and the glass can meet the requirements of Class A fire doors.

High-strength single-piece fireproof glass. High-strength single-piece fireproof glass is made by comprehensively strengthening the flat glass. This product can be used not only as a single piece, but also as laminated glass, insulating glass, coated glass, etc. It has the function of tempered glass and grouting composite fireproof glass. As the glass for building curtain wall, the high-strength single-piece fireproof glass not only has the same light transmittance as the float glass with the same thickness, but also its specific gravity and the same thickness float plate. The glass is basically the same, so the high-strength single-piece fireproof glass instead of the same thickness of tempered glass will not affect the safety of the glass curtain wall building structure, and the strength is higher and not easy to break.

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