How to choose the right home glass

It is reported that in addition to different types of glass, different types of glass should be used, and there are certain requirements for the thickness of the glass. Some shapes also require corresponding treatment of the glass.

1. Large area ceiling use to be treated
Glass ceilings are mostly used for aisle ceilings. Do not use insulated glass factory on a large area on the ceiling. Even if it is used, use a metal, wood or plaster to separate the glass ceiling into squares. Stained glass and sandblasted glass are good materials for ceilings. It is also important to use the glass material in the ceiling. The thickness is limited. “Because the glass is self-contained, for safety reasons, the thickness of the ceiling glass is generally controlled at 5-8 mm.” The ceiling of the bathroom can be painted with lacquered glass, without fading, and It acts as a mirror and enhances the decorative effect. When using a glass ceiling in the living room, the width of the glass should be as small as possible because the glass is poor in bending resistance and is easily broken. Glass gives people a feeling of restlessness. Do not use too much glass in the living room to make a ceiling. It is easy to destroy the atmosphere of the home, and the effect is not ideal.

2. Partition wall using tempered glass

For safety reasons, the partition wall should use tempered glass as much as possible, because the hardness of tempered glass is 5 times that of ordinary glass, the bending resistance is 3-5 times that of ordinary glass, and the safety is higher. It is better to have a glass partition wall. Do the boxing process. The partition between the balcony and the living room should consider the requirements for sound insulation and insulation. Therefore, it is best to use double-glazed glass, and also insert some dry flowers hay, glass beads and other decorations in the crack of the double-layer glass, which is both light and decorative. The bathroom with frosted glass or craft glass partition can also play a good decorative effect. In addition, glass bricks are also a good material for partition walls in kitchen bathrooms. Because the glass brick is not transparent and hard, it is suitable for use in kitchen and bathroom. Glass bricks are divided into plain and color, and some have patterns such as painted or dark flowers. The effect is very good in home decoration. However, glass brick partitions cost twice as expensive as ordinary partition walls.

3. There should be prompts on the screen glass

In the foyer, you can consider using a glass screen, which not only transmits light, but also has a certain artistic effect. According to the special style requirements, some have to be framed. If you use the unframed glass, it is best to make a pattern on it, or to hang a picture, to play a role in preventing the family from inadvertently hitting the glass.

4. The wall is firmly mounted first.

Paint or craft glass can be used depending on the specific style requirements. However, it must be installed firmly, and the adhesive glass is used to bond the glass, which is firm and beautiful.

5. The door core is selected according to the size of the door core

If you use glass to make the door, it is best to choose ordinary tempered glass or art glass, and the thickness should be more than 8 mm. Some of the glass in the middle of the wooden door should be purchased or customized by the owner. At this time, the glass needs to be processed according to the size of the door core. In general, the thickness of the door core glass is between 5-8 mm. If the door core area is large, the laminated glass can be selected, and the small-area door core is not too high. If you use light steel glass or frosted glass, you need to add a thin wooden lining to the door to frame the frame to prevent accidents caused by the impact.

6. Ground anti-skid measures are very important

Choose tempered glass with a thickness of 15 mm or more, or laminated glass. Such a glass is strong and not brittle. The platform can be selected from either stained glass or tinted glass. The stained glass floor is stylish, and the brown glass floor is slightly restrained and subtle, which can meet the needs of different people and decorative styles. However, the use of glass on the ground is dazzling and can create a very avant-garde feeling, but it may be too slippery and not very safe, so the glass platform can create a good visual effect, but it is also easy to slip, and the corners are not easy to handle. Therefore, it is not recommended to use glass to make the floor or the floor. Even if it is used, it is better to do some anti-slip treatment.

7. Purchase glass attention quality

The naked eye can’t distinguish the difference between tempered glass and ordinary glass, but tempered glass generally has 3C certification mark; the quality of glass can be checked by light transmission, such as shaking the glass in front of the eyes, if it is glare, it has impurities; The flatness can also explain the quality problem. Secondly, if you look at the picture of the stained glass, if there is a paint spillover, it means that it works. Home improvement glass is safe, and consumers are advised to go to a formal glass processing company for field visits. Anhui Weihao Special Glass Co., Ltd., Anhui Weihao Special Glass Co., Ltd.–China’s energy-saving doors and windows, the chief supplier of curtain wall glass, the glass brand of building curtain wall glass, the production process is strictly controlled to ensure glass quality and delivery time. Professional logistics distribution team, guarantee timely delivery, full-time personnel tracking service, perfect after-sales system. Weihao Glass speaks with quality. The glass produced by Weihao is smooth, complete, bright and tidy, and adopts high-automatic sealing equipment. The air between the glass sheets is highly dry and the sealing effect is good. Hefei’s first LOW–E coated glass production line, high-quality original film + high-quality auxiliary materials, dust-free workshop operation, production process control testing, advanced production equipment, automatic glue machine, automatic touch, glass stacking, professional logistics distribution Guaranteed timely delivery, quick response after sale, urgency for customers.
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